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About Us

Aurora North Medical Centre & Pharmacy

We aim to be your All-in-One Healthcare Destination in which you can enjoy the Walk-in Clinic, Nurse Practitioner Primary Care, Rehabilitation Centre and Pharmacy at one stop.


Our Value

Your All-in-One Healthcare Destination


Our mission is to provide a One- stop health care service for clients, including general medical consultation & specialized assessment, medications & pharmaceutical needs, and physiotherapy & rehabilitation; all medical needs can be found at Aurora North Medical Centre.

Continuous Care

We aim to provide ongoing support, guidance, and medical attention to clients, even after they have received initial treatment or therapy, especially for clients who have chronic health conditions or complex medical needs that require ongoing management and monitoring, and building a long-term relationship between the client and their healthcare provider, based on trust, communication, and collaboration.


We value so much the personalized care that is tailored to their unique needs, preferences, and goals. It also helps clients to stay on top of their health and prevent future problems before they occur.

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