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Rehabilitation Centre

 Physiotherapy Pilates


Our experienced physiotherapist will design a personalized Physio Pilates program to suit your specific needs and goals, including:

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

Physiotherapy Follow-up

Pelvic Floor Pilates Training

In this guide, we'll explore the fundamentals of Physio Pilates and how it can support your rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance goals. Get ready to experience the transformative benefits of Physio Pilates as we unlock your body's full potential.

All sessions are held under a safe, private environment, with the supervision of our physiotherapist specialized in Pilates.

Regular Physiotherapy


Our Rehabilitation Centre is committed to restoring, maintaining, and maximizing your strength, function, movement, and overall well-being through the comprehensive approach of physiotherapy.

Our registered physiotherapists specialize in physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness guidance. With a focus on promoting pain relief and recovery, our team assists patients in recovering from a diverse range of conditions.

Utilizing a blend of manual therapy techniques and modalities, our physiotherapists provide personalized care to address your specific needs and promote optimal healing. Experience the transformative power of physiotherapy at Our Rehabilitation Centre for a healthier, more active life.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors at our Rehabilitation Centre specialize in hands-on spinal manipulation and non-invasive treatments to restore joint mobility affected by traumatic events or repetitive stress.

Whether it's discomfort from a fall or prolonged sitting, our chiropractic treatment effectively alleviates musculoskeletal pain, improves mobility, and reduces postural tension.

During your initial visit, our registered chiropractors conduct a thorough

assessment to understand your history and tailor treatment accordingly. With expertise in manipulations and adjustments, they release tension and stiffness in the neck and back, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

Experience the benefits of chiropractic care at our Rehabilitation Centre for a healthier, more mobile life.

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Our Services:

Physio Pilates

Active / Exercise Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Electrotherapies (IFC & TENS)
Low Dose Laser
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